What Animals Can Be Kept In or Out with an Electric Fence?

Electric Fence

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In the realm of fencing solutions, electric fences have emerged as versatile tools for managing animals, whether the goal is to keep them inside a designated area or to deter them from entering specific spaces. If you’re considering the use of an electric fence, you might be curious about its effectiveness with various animals. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the capabilities of electric fences and their applications in animal control. Whether you are a farmer, a pet owner, or someone concerned about wildlife, this information will empower you to make an informed decision.

Understanding Electric Fences

Before we explore the specific animals that electric fences can manage, let’s establish a clear understanding of what electric fences are and how they operate.

How Electric Fences Function

Electric fences consist of a series of wires or conductive elements that deliver a non-lethal, pulsating electric shock when touched. The primary purpose of this shock is to startle and deter animals without causing harm. Here is a breakdown of how electric fences work:

  1. Power Source: An energizer or charger generates electrical pulses that flow through the wires.
  2. Conduction: When an animal or object comes into contact with the fence, it completes an electrical circuit, allowing the pulse to travel through the intruder.
  3. Shock: The intruder receives a brief but memorable shock, conditioning them to avoid the fence in the future.

Now that we have a grasp of the fundamentals, let’s explore the different types of animals that electric fences can effectively manage.

Domestic Livestock


Cattle are one of the most common animals contained using electric fences. The shock delivered by the fence serves as a powerful deterrent for these large and robust animals. Electric fences are used for both temporary and permanent enclosures on farms and ranches, ensuring that cattle stay where they are meant to be.


Electric fences are also suitable for managing horses. They are particularly effective for controlling the movement of horses within paddocks, pastures, or training areas. Properly installed electric fences can keep horses safe and secure while allowing them freedom within defined boundaries.

Sheep and Goats:

Small ruminants like sheep and goats can be effectively contained within electric fences. These fences offer flexibility and adaptability, making them ideal for managing grazing areas and ensuring the safety of these animals.


Pigs, known for their curiosity and determination to explore, can be kept in check with electric fences. The shock provides a strong incentive for them to stay within their designated areas on a farm.

Pets and Small Animals


Electric fences can be used to create boundaries for dogs, providing them with the freedom to roam within defined limits while keeping them within a designated area. This type of system is often referred to as an invisible dog fence and is a popular choice for pet owners.


Though less common, electric fences can also be used to create safe enclosures for outdoor cats. These fences help protect cats from potential dangers and keep them from wandering into harm’s way.


Electric fences can be deployed around gardens and crop fields to deter rabbits from damaging plants and crops. The shock serves as a powerful deterrent, discouraging these small pests from wreaking havoc on valuable produce.

Wildlife Deterrence


Electric fences are invaluable for gardeners and farmers looking to protect their crops from deer. The shock serves as a potent deterrent to keep these herbivores at bay, preventing them from feasting on valuable vegetation.


In regions where predators pose a threat to livestock, electric fences can serve as a protective barrier. They are effective at deterring predators such as coyotes, foxes, and even bears from entering the area and causing harm.


Electric fences can also be used to deter birds like crows and pigeons from accessing specific areas. This is especially beneficial for properties with valuable crops or sensitive equipment that needs protection from avian intruders.

Poultry and Birds


Electric fencing is an excellent choice for safeguarding chicken coops and runs. It can prevent ground-based predators like raccoons and foxes from accessing your flock and causing harm.


Electric fences can also be employed to create enclosures for waterfowl, such as ducks and geese. This is especially useful for protecting them from terrestrial predators that might threaten their safety.

Game and Fish Farming

Fish Ponds:

In aquaculture, electric fences are sometimes used to protect fish ponds from herons and other birds that may prey on the fish. This protective measure ensures the well-being of the fish and the success of the aquaculture operation.

Game Animals:

Electric fences are utilized in game farming to manage and contain exotic game animals. They can also help prevent game animals from escaping into neighboring properties, ensuring they remain within the designated hunting or conservation area.

Garden and Crop Protection


Electric fences can deter rodents such as rats and mice from invading gardens and crop fields, reducing the risk of crop damage and contamination. The shock serves as a potent deterrent, discouraging these small pests from wreaking havoc on valuable produce.

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Electric Fencing Excellence

Electric fences are not a one-size-fits-all solution, but they are undoubtedly versatile and effective tools for containing or deterring a wide range of animals. From domestic livestock to wildlife, pets, and even garden pests, electric fences have proven their worth in various applications. By choosing the right electric fence and working with professionals like ProFence, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security and peace of mind.

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