The Horse Fence Options you need!

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Horse Fencing Options

Whether you have had a horse in your life for years or have recently added one to your family, your choice of a horse fence is an important part of their daily care. There are several factors that you will want to consider when making your choice including longevity of the fence, cost, aesthetic and the personality of the horse. 

A beautiful wood horse fence makes for a picture-perfect setting for grazing horses.  But those same horses rough housing or at a full run can break through a wood horse fence. Minimize the potential for injury with rounded corners on your wood horse fence and have boards attached to the inward side of the posts to reduce the likelihood of a horse kicking a board loose.

A more affordable option would be a woven wire horse fence.  A wire horse fence offers.  A strand of electric fence can be added across the top to deter your horse from pushing against the woven wire fence.  You also have the option of adding a board across the top. This will require 8 foot post spacing instead of the standard 12 foot spacing for a wire fence.  Horse Safe Bracing would be used for building the corners for any of these options.

Alternatively, a poly coated wire fence can be installed. Using a white coated wire allows the horse to see the wire reducing the possibility of injury. Strands of the poly coated wire fence can be electrified to add a psychological barrier aiding in safely containing your horse. 

ProFence wants you to be happy with the horse fence you choose. We are here to discuss all of your options, whether it’s a wood horse fence, woven wire fence or a poly coat fence.

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