How to Maintain Livestock Fences in Cold Months

Fences during the cold months

As winter approaches, livestock owners are faced with the crucial task of ensuring their fences can endure the harsh conditions. Fences are not merely structures, they are vital for the safety and security of your animals. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore strategies for maintaining different types of fences during the cold months, ensuring they […]

Sheep Fencing for Rotational Grazing: Optimal Pasture Utilization

Sheep Fencing

Sheep farming and grazing play a vital role in sustainable agriculture. Additionally, to ensure the well-being of your sheep and maximize pasture utilization, proper fencing is essential. In this blog, we will explore how sheep fencing contributes to optimal pasture utilization through rotational grazing. We will discuss popular types of sheep fencing to help you […]

Top Considerations for Installing Horse Fences on Your Farm

Horse Fences

When it comes to keeping your horses safe and secure on your farm, choosing the right horse fence is paramount. Proper fencing not only ensures the well-being of your equine companions but also helps maintain the overall security of your property. In this article, we will explore the top considerations for installing horse fences, providing […]

Choosing the right fence company

Choosing the Right Fencing Company Why Do you need a Fence Company? Before we discuss how to choose a fence company, first let’s discuss why you would need a fence company. If you have a farm or ranch and need to keep your animals on your property and predators out, certainly you already have a […]

The Best Deer Fence to Keep Them Out!

Deer Fencing While most of the fences installed by ProFence are meant to keep animals in, for the most part our metal deer fence installations have one purpose – keeping deer out. Do not assume that deer belong in the deep woods. They require a wooded area for cover and an open area for food. […]