Harmonizing Deer Fencing with Your Landscape

deer fencing

When it comes to protecting your garden or landscape from deer, the balance between effective deer management and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space is paramount. Deer fencing stands as a crucial barrier, safeguarding your vegetation from the voracious appetites of deer, which can quickly decimate flowers, shrubs, and vegetable gardens. However, the […]

Protecting Your Land: How to Keep Deer Out

Imagine waking up to find your prized vegetable garden ravaged, your orchard decimated, and your livestock spooked by the presence of unwelcome guests. If you’re a landowner, this scenario might not be too far from reality, especially if you live in an area frequented by deer. In this guide, we explore the dangers deer pose […]

Deer Fence: Your Winter Crop Guardian

Winter is upon us, and as diligent farmers, you’re gearing up for the season’s challenges. Amidst your preparations, there’s a significant threat that can’t be ignored – deer. These elusive creatures, driven by hunger during winter, pose a grave risk to your crops. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why a deer fence is […]

How Can Deer Fencing Keep Your Property Safe During Hunting Season?

Deer Fencing

Are you tired of the constant battle with deer wreaking havoc on your land during hunting season? You’re not alone. In this comprehensive guide, we’re diving straight into the heart of the matter – how deer fencing can be your ultimate solution to keeping your property safe and sound during hunting season. The Hidden Threat […]

Effective Deer Fence Installation: Keeping Deer Out and Protecting Your Property

Deer Fencing Infographic

When it comes to protecting your property from deer intrusion, a properly installed deer fence is essential. Effective deer fence installation not only keeps deer out but also ensures the longevity and durability of the fence. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of professional deer fence installation services and the key elements […]

Why High Tensile Woven Wire Fencing is a Great Deer Fence

Infographic of woven wire fence for deer

Deer fencing It might be time to think about a fence if you’ve tried several deer repellents, yet they’re still eating your favorite garden plants. Deer fencing may be a viable option for keeping out deer and other small animals in areas where prevalent wildlife and crops are greatly valued. Deer fencing is an excellent […]

Farm Fence Gates

Metal, Wood, or Wire Gates Adding gates is an essential part of your fence installation. No matter the style of fence, a quality gate is needed to secure animals as well as allow for the flow of people, equipment and herds. It is worth spending some time thinking about size and placement of your gates.   The […]

Choosing the right fence company

Choosing the Right Fencing Company Why Do you need a Fence Company? Before we discuss how to choose a fence company, first let’s discuss why you would need a fence company. If you have a farm or ranch and need to keep your animals on your property and predators out, certainly you already have a […]

The Best Deer Fence to Keep Them Out!

Deer Fencing While most of the fences installed by ProFence are meant to keep animals in, for the most part our metal deer fence installations have one purpose – keeping deer out. Do not assume that deer belong in the deep woods. They require a wooded area for cover and an open area for food. […]