Farm Fence Gates

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Metal, Wood, or Wire Gates

Adding gates is an essential part of your fence installation. No matter the style of fence, a quality gate is needed to secure animals as well as allow for the flow of people, equipment and herds. It is worth spending some time thinking about size and placement of your gates.  

The traditional heavy duty metal farm gates are made of 16 gauge tubing and are available in  widths from 4 feet to 16 feet.  

Larger size livestock will require a larger gate to alleviate crowding and possible injury while moving herds. Smaller animals such as goats would require metal farm gates made of the same tubing and no-climb wire. There are also gates made with smaller diamond mesh. And always take into consideration any vehicles and equipment that may need to utilize the same gate—now or possibly in the future. You will be happier installing a wider gate now than wish you had on down the road.  

The metal farm gates come with a simple chain to hold the gate closed. There are additional farm gate latches available. A lockable two-way slam latch which mounts to the gate post and allows the gate to swing either direction and can be padlocked. A double gate knife latch is used to secure two metal farm gates in the same opening. This style latch can also be padlocked for security. 

Wooden farm gates are another option. They are custom made to order to match the board or crossbuck fence. Because of the weight of a wooden gate, smaller widths are recommended. These gates normally use the traditional farm gate latches although other hardware options are available by special order. 

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