Electric Goat Fences to Protect Your Garden!

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Goat Fence Your Garden

With the onset of Spring comes the joy of baby animals. A playful group of goats frolicking to and  fro can bring a smile to even the most somber of days. Before you commit to including goats in your life,  consider the preparation that will be necessary – including a quality fence. Goats are notorious for being  expert escape artists. Once they realize that they can escape – it will be all that they think about. While it  might be funny the first time or two – your neighbors may not be as amused when they look out to find  their prized petunias have become lunch for the “kid” next door. 

While a portable goat fence can look like a quick fix, it will not have the longevity needed in the  long run. A woven wire no-climb fence will be a good choice for goats, depending on their personality.  Pushing against the fence during play or trying to fit their head through any size opening can result in  costly repairs and endanger the goat. For some, only an electric goat fence will keep them safe. Electric  goat fence is still only a psychological barrier – that is to say that a shock or two trains them to keep away  from the fence, but don’t be surprised if you have one or two that view an electric goat fence as simply a  challenge and you’ll be left scratching your head after finding him on the outside looking in.

Multiple strands of high tensile electric goat fence is an economical way to cover a large area and  control a herd but offers no protection if the there is an issue with the electric. Adding strands of electric  to a woven wire fence provides a psychological barrier of an electric goat fence along with a little extra  added peace of mind. The electric goat fence will also help protect your goats from predators such as  coyotes or dogs. Call us at 800-433-6236 to discuss your project with a ProFence estimator.

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