Electric Fencing for Cattle & Horses

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Animal safety is paramount whether you have a herd or a single animal in your care. Electric fence can be good choice for many types of animals – adding a psychological barrier not only a physical barrier to confine them in a designated area.

Agricultural electric fence installation became common in the US beginning in the 1930s and 40s. High tensile wire allows for wider post spacing and creates a cost effective alternative to woven wire or board fence. Today’s electric fence chargers run on electric or solar and offer choices based on the length of wire to be electrified in the fence.

Electric Fencing for Cattle

Electric fence for cattle consists of multiple strands of high tensile or a single strand of electric fence can be added to a woven wire fence or board fence. The number of strands will depend on the breed, size and age of the cattle. Some cattle are more docile and require fewer strands of electric fence, while others will push their limits no matter what style of fence.

Electric Fencing for Horses

Electric fence for horses will vary slightly from that of electric fence for cattle. Horses are more prone to be injured by high tensile wire if spooked or acting aggressively. A poly coated version of high tensile wire is available allowing  for visibility by the horses while still creating the added psychological barrier. Horse Rail which is a wide band with a strand of high tensile running through the center, is also a good option for an electric fence for horses.


All electric fence installations require a certain level of maintenance to ensure that voltage is maintained throughout the fence.

The most common reasons for low voltage in your electric fence includes:

  • Vegetation or Trees on Wire
  • Missing or Damaged Insulators
  • Inadequate Grounding
  • Low Battery in the Electric Fence Solar Charger

Have additional questions about electric fencing? Want to know if it may be a good fit for your property? Contact us today.

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