Electric Fences for your Animals

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The Electric Fence

Since the invention of agricultural electric fence in the 1930s, there have been numerous innovations and improvements—making today’s electric fence a popular option for keeping animals contained, as well as keeping predators out. Most animals will quickly learn to stay away from the electric fence. The resulting psychological barrier will leave your animals enjoying life in the pasture and you with little concern of finding them wandering where they don’t belong.

You might be wondering what happens when an animal or person touches a high tensile electric horse fence. A properly installed fence charger puts out low-amperage and high-voltage, which pro duces a shock that is not harmful to humans or animals. Of course, people with heart conditions, children, and the elderly should avoid touching any electric fence.

A high tensile electric fence can be used for a wide variety of animals and can be customized to create the ideal combination of post spacing, wire spacing, number of electrified strands and voltage based on the size of the animals and how aggressive the animals are. Electric fence for cattle would be spaced differently than electric fence installed for pygmy goats or an electric fence meant to keep predators out. ProFence LLC using a quality 12 1/2 gauge high tensile wire and tensioners that will resist corrosion.

Polycoated high tensile wire can be used for an electric fence for horses. The coating makes the strand of wire easier for the horse to see. Additionally, a single strand of electric fence can be added to a board fence or woven wire fence to prevent horses from cribbing, using the fence as a scratching post , or pushing against the woven wire.

High Tensile electric fence for cattle can be designed and installed to accommodate large bulls, rambunctious calves or docile dairy cows. This can be used for perimeter fence and interior cross fencing. Gates can be added with the electric fence continuing underground from one side of the gate open ing to the other side allowing for a continual line of protection.

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