The Best Deer Fence to Keep Them Out!

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Deer Fencing

While most of the fences installed by ProFence are meant to keep animals in, for the most part our metal deer fence installations have one purpose – keeping deer out.

Do not assume that deer belong in the deep woods. They require a wooded area for cover and an open area for food. As areas become more developed, many once uninhabited locations now offer everything they are looking for. An adult white tail deer can eat up to 12 pounds of food per day. That means a few deer in an orchard, vineyard, plant nursery or farm can inflict irreparable damage during the growing season. Frustrated homeowners will install a deer fence for garden enclosure or along property lines to protect landscaping.

How tall is a deer fence? Deer fence height is 8 ft. – it does not matter if you are installing a deer fence for a garden, vineyard, orchard, nursery or a country estate. A deer will be able to jump over any fence shorter than 8 feet. Deer fence is made of heavy gauge woven wire. Other materials have been used for deer fences, such as vinyl or wood, but wire has proven to be the longest lasting, and most effective at keeping deer at bay. ProFence also has a variety of gate choices that can also be installed in the fence to aid in convenience.

When should a deer fence be installed? A deer fence can be installed at any time, although most people would like to have installation before the growing season or after. We recommend planning ahead, especially for large fence installations of any kind. Summer is a good time to get a free estimate and plan on a fall or winter (weather permitting) installation . Call 800-433-6236 to speak with an estimator about your fencing project.

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