Choosing the right fence company

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Choosing the Right Fencing Company

Why Do you need a Fence Company?

Before we discuss how to choose a fence company, first let’s discuss why you would need a fence company.

If you have a farm or ranch and need to keep your animals on your property and predators out, certainly you already have a quick dial to your fence company in case of a breach or failure.

Perhaps you are looking to raise the value of your property. A brand new wood board fence encompassing your property would aesthetically improve the appeal of your home along with its value. A wood board fence is also great for keeping horses on your property. If you currently do not have horses, in the future when you are looking to sell, your property will be very appealing to horse owners looking for a turnkey solution.

Wood Board Fence Property 

If you grow fruits and vegetables on your property you must know about the ferocious appetite of deer. They can consume a small crop in no time at all. Did you know that there are fences designed specifically to keep deer out of your garden? A deer fence will pay for itself quickly by protecting your crops from deer and other animals.

What type of Fence do you need?

When choosing a fence company, you want them to have many options for your particular need. One size does not fit all when it comes to fencing. In fact, your fence company should have more than one option for what you need the fence for. If you would like a wood board fence, your fence company should have many options for the type of wood and number of boards. Oak, Hemlock, and Southern Yellow Pine are popular choices and each have their own strengths and issues.

If you do not have a choice in material and configuration, your fence could be susceptible to the elements in your area and breachable by the animals you are trying to contain or keep out.

Getting an Accurate Quote.

There may be unforeseen expenses or a delay in a fence installation due to weather or other unavoidable issues. To help alleviate unknown expenses or delays in installation that would have otherwise been avoidable, you need to get the most thorough quote possible from your fence company.

Details such as a fence completion date, an accurate measurement of the fence line around your property, fence installation costs, and a detailed material cost goes a long way in thoroughly understanding the costs and time investment involved.

Be wary of a quote that is very open ended and is vague at best. A truly professional fence company will have installed fencing exactly like yours on virtually the same terrain many many times. This experience enables them to give you an accurate quote.

Getting a fence installation quote

Choosing the right Fence Company 

Besides the details outlined above on choosing the right fence company, there are other variables involved in getting the best service possible.

Your first impressions are almost always right. If you feel you are being rushed to purchase or you just don’t feel comfortable with the experience on the phone, chances are you are right. An employee that is confident in their services and comfortable in their job will exude that confidence while talking to you on the phone. Having all your questions answered with common sense responses sprinkled in with details will go a long way in determining which fence company is right for you.

About Profence LLC

ProFence is a family owned company that has been in business since 1993.

We attribute our success to ProFence’s outstanding team. From the beginning, we have chosen to share the company with our work force. So instead of just hiring employees who are simply putting in time for a paycheck, we have partners in the business creating an atmosphere where we all share in the journey.

We have found that we can serve you better by being a team of experts working together as one.

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