Cattle Fencing: Best Types & Recommendations

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When looking for the best fence for cattle, always consider which of the cattle fence designs best suits your property, your lifestyle and your budget.

Whether you have a few cattle or a whole herd, you will want to invest in a quality cattle fence to secure your animals and give yourself some peace of mind. Cattle fence designs can range from a couple of strands of high tensile to board fence depending on budget and personal preference. High tensile and woven wire are normally considered the best fence for both dairy and beef cattle. If you are raising a more exotic cattle , you may want to consult with a breeder
for recommendations on fencing.

High Tensile Fencing for Cattle

High tensile cattle fence will offer an affordable option for large projects. The number of strands can vary from 2 to 8 strands with one or more being electrified. The number of strands as well as the number of strands that are electrified for high tensile cattle fence takes into consideration the size of the animals and how aggressive the animals are. The best fence for cattle when they are young and more bold will require more strands than cattle fence for an older established herd.

Woven Wire Fencing for Cattle

Woven wire cattle fence will be secure and more versatile should you decide to use the area for something other than cattle. Cattle fence designs using woven wire include adding a strand of electric fence or barbed wire to prevent the cattle from pushing against the fence.

Post and Board Fencing

A post and board cattle fence will be better suited for smaller areas. This type fence will be more expensive and require more maintenance than a wire cattle fence.

All of the cattle fence designs offered can easily incorporate various sizes and styles of gates. Be sure to give some thought about the location and size of gates. It is easier to add them at the time of installation than to add them to your cattle fence later on.

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