Livestock Fence Installations

In today’s world , we often look to the internet and social media for guidance. When searching for “livestock fence builders near me”, you are sure to find multiple options in your area. So, why pick ProFence LLC for your livestock fence installation? ProFence LLC has been installing agricultural fence for over 30 years, bringing […]

Cattle Fencing: Best Types & Recommendations

When looking for the best fence for cattle, always consider which of the cattle fence designs best suits your property, your lifestyle and your budget. Whether you have a few cattle or a whole herd, you will want to invest in a quality cattle fence to secure your animals and give yourself some peace of […]

Electric Fencing for Cattle & Horses

Animal safety is paramount whether you have a herd or a single animal in your care. Electric fence can be good choice for many types of animals – adding a psychological barrier not only a physical barrier to confine them in a designated area. Agricultural electric fence installation became common in the US beginning in […]

Farm Fence Gates

Metal, Wood, or Wire Gates Adding gates is an essential part of your fence installation. No matter the style of fence, a quality gate is needed to secure animals as well as allow for the flow of people, equipment and herds. It is worth spending some time thinking about size and placement of your gates.   The […]

Electric Fences for your Animals

The Electric Fence Since the invention of agricultural electric fence in the 1930s, there have been numerous innovations and improvements—making today’s electric fence a popular option for keeping animals contained, as well as keeping predators out. Most animals will quickly learn to stay away from the electric fence. The resulting psychological barrier will leave your […]

Choosing the right fence company

Choosing the Right Fencing Company Why Do you need a Fence Company? Before we discuss how to choose a fence company, first let’s discuss why you would need a fence company. If you have a farm or ranch and need to keep your animals on your property and predators out, certainly you already have a […]

Electric Goat Fences to Protect Your Garden!

Goat Fence Your Garden With the onset of Spring comes the joy of baby animals. A playful group of goats frolicking to and  fro can bring a smile to even the most somber of days. Before you commit to including goats in your life,  consider the preparation that will be necessary – including a quality fence. Goats […]

The Best Deer Fence to Keep Them Out!

Deer Fencing While most of the fences installed by ProFence are meant to keep animals in, for the most part our metal deer fence installations have one purpose – keeping deer out. Do not assume that deer belong in the deep woods. They require a wooded area for cover and an open area for food. […]

The Horse Fence Options you need!

Horse Fencing Options Whether you have had a horse in your life for years or have recently added one to your family, your choice of a horse fence is an important part of their daily care. There are several factors that you will want to consider when making your choice including longevity of the fence, […]