Horse Fencing Installation

Pro Fence is proud to serve A large portion of the Eastern US with horse fence installation. We are a family owned company that has been in business since 1993.

If you need horse fencing for your property, you want a company with the personnel and experience to complete the job on and time within your budget. One size does not fit all when it comes to horse fencing. We will guide you through the process from beginning to end; from picking the correct type of fence for your needs to the installation.

Horse Fence
Horse Fence

An attractive and effective way to keep you horses on you property is to have a board fence installed by ProFence. Board fencing for horses are a very popular option to not only keep horses on your property, but to enhance the look and value of your home.

Choose from three different types of wood that will compliment your acreage. We use oak and treated southern yellow pine as these are all ideal for horse fencing. Other wood types are considered based on their availability. Our board fencing for horses typically have 15 years of service before maintenance may be needed. With proper maintenance, board fences can last a lifetime. Board fences are viewed from a horse’s perspective as a solid barrier that they are not likely to challenge.

An electric horse fence is widely regarded as the best option to contain horses. You can be sure your horses will be safe and secure on your property. An electric fence for horses acts as a deterrent and will not injure your animals. A barbed wire fence can cause more physical damage to a horse than an electric fence. There is no need to worry about your electric bill skyrocketing as the amount of electricity an electric horse fence uses is minimal. You can even use a battery to power the fence.

How Electric Horse Fencing Works

ProFence have been in the fencing industry since 1993. If you are interested in electric fencing for horses, you will not find a more experienced fencing company than us. We have installed electric horse fences for properties large and small. Whether you want to contain one horse or many, we have the materials and installation experience to accomplish this on time and within budget.

You can upgrade your existing fence to an electric horse fence or have an electric fence installed from the outset. The technology is simple. An energizer converts electricity into high voltage pulses. When a horse comes into contact with the electrified fence, the animal will complete the circuit and receive a shock. After learning that leaning on the fence will result in an electric shock, horses generally will stay away from the fence. This will deter your horse from trying to leave the property and will stop them from leaning on the fence which can cause damage to the fence and horse.

Electric Horse Fence Installation

ProFence are experts in electric fencing for horses. We can upgrade your existing fence to an electric horse fence or install a new electric fence. Contact Us for a free quote. If you want your electric horse fence installation to be completed on time and within budget, then look no further than ProFence, we are with you every step of the way.

The name horse rail is a dead giveaway that this fence was designed for horses. This is a relatively new and high-tech fence design that is meant to replicate a traditional board fence, with the added benefit of having low maintenance.

Poly coat fencing is specifically designed for horses and engineered for maximum visibility. This fence is primarily the same as a high tensile fence except that poly fencing has a coating of white poly covering the high tensile wire to give it more visibility. Poly wire also has the ability to carry electricity. This fence is ideal in that it provides high visibility for your horses to see and charging these wires will keep your horses from constantly pushing against the fence and damaging it, keeping the wear on the fence to a minimum. Perfect electric horse fence solution.

Horse Safe Brace Wire

Due to the extra strain that poly wire places on a fence it requires single bracing. We install a horse safe brace wire so that your animal feet do not get caught in this wire.

Poly Coat Fence Installation

A fence is only as good as the workmanship that goes into the fence installation. It would be hard to find a more professional team of poly coat fence installers anywhere in the Eastern USA. ProFence has the quality materials and installation know how to get the job done right.

ProFence LLC is a fencing company that has been in business since 1993. We supply and install many different types of fences including woven wire horse fences. A woven wire fence is ideal for security. The tight grid of woven wires makes it impossible for small or large animals like horses to get in or out.

We are experts in determining which type of woven wire horse fencing will best suit your needs. Variations such as post spacing and the type of woven wire is taken into consideration for your specific situation. Fill out our free Fence Installation Quote form and we will put together a plan within your budget for your new woven wire horse fence.

We have many years of experience in installing woven wire horse fences. We install fencing for both large and small properties. We have the experience to get the fence installation done on time and within budget. We have installed fencing in the early nineties that is still up today. Contact us today to learn more about our woven wire horse fence installation services.

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We have been serving Pennsylvania and surrounding states with all of their fencing needs since 1993. We are committed to our customers and promise you’ll be impressed by our work.

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